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Our Prices

Base Pricing:

With SniperMail you dont pay a monthly access fee, there are no storage cost, and no hidden fees.

Our pricing is simple, you just pay for the email's you send.



We charge $15 per campaign + $0.03 per email address that you send to.

So if you send a newsletter to 1000 email addresses that will cost you:
$15 + (1000 * 0.03) = $45.00

If you are sending to more than 10,000 people we can provide you with our Bulk Pricing rates,

please contact us for more information.

We offer a number of other services:

  • Base template modification ($400)
  • Full custom template design ($600)
  • Website signup/unsubscribe form integration (from $250)
  • Full campaign mangement (POA)

Please contact us for further information about any of these services.

* All pricing is in New Zealand Dollars

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